Teentaal - Tabla solo by Shivraj Sawant

Contributed by : Shivraj Sawant

Raga : | Taal : Teentaal | Category : NorthIndian-Percussion-Classical

Main Instruments : Tabla | Accompanying Intruments : | Gharana :

Lyrics by : | Composed by : | Artists : Shivraj Sawant [ Tabla ]

Tags :

YouTube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYaBKrtWNQE

Video description

It is Gurupournima offering to Pt. Shashikant Bellare & Pt. Shekhar Borkar by Shivraj Sawant on 28th July 2013.

In this video I have played Peshkar & some variations composed by me. Also played a Punjab Gharana Kayda.

It is interesting to see how to enter in Kayda from Peshkar.

Below is the link where same Kayda is shared using Vishwamohini Script


Below is the link where Peshkar is shared using Vishwamohini Script



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