50 Lessons for Tabla : Lesson 1 : Kayda 1 in Teentaal by Dr. A. Pavan

Contributed by : Shivraj Sawant

Raga : NA | Taal : Teentaal | Category : NorthIndian-Percussion-Educational

Main Instruments : Tabla | Accompanying Intruments : | Gharana :

Lyrics by : | Composed by : | Artists : Dr. A Pavan

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YouTube Link : https://www.youtube.com/embed/5l2N8uVKA4k

Video description

All lessons in this series recited and performed by Dr. A. Pavan and posted on YouTube. 
Here is link to his YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/tabaliya/videos

These lessons are useful for beginner and intermediate-level students of Tabla

Notes for this lesson are also shared here in downloadable  PDF format by Dr. A Pavan

I have translated notations of Kayda in the Vishwamohini format. You may find minor differences in the notations format as compared to shared in the video, but do not confuse with that. Just stick to one format of notations and continue your learning with that. 

All variations are arranged as per sequence shared in the video and PDF



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