Shivraj Sawant

Shivraj is founder of Vishwamohini. He is a software engineer by profession and passionate Indian classical musician (Tabla player). He loves to bring ideas in reality.

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Cell no : 9552516778

Milind Jadhav

Milind is IT manager in Tata consultancy services. Milind is passionate Tabla player and helping people is his nature. He is closely associated with couple of NGOs around Pune.

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Cell no : 9225677841

Anunad Dalvi

Anunaad comes from musical family, he is a professional Santoor player & Music arranger. He left his engineering to pursue his love for music. He has also learnt western music from A.R Rehman's institute & continued further training in London.

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Cell no : 8879382619

Vijay Patil

Vijay is MTech from IIT Pavai, he is passionate about art, architecture and Indian classic music. He is interested in fusion of math, science, technology and art/music. He volunteers for different initiatives in Pune that promote Indian classical music like

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Cell no : 8793146232