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Lower Octave S0 r0 R0 g0 G0 m0 M0 P0 d0 D0 n0 N0
Z x X c C V v B n N m M
Middle Octave S1 r1 R1 g1 G1 m1 M1 P1 d1 D1 n1 N1
A s S d D F f G h H j J
Upper Octave S1 r2 R2 g2 G2 m2 M2 P2 d2 D2 n2 N2
Q w W e E R r T y Y u U

Right hand syllables (Daya)

Syllable 1 2 3 4 Example Comment
A T1 t1 Ta1 ta1 ADH  
B T2 t2 Ta2 ta2 ABL  
C T3 t3 Ta3 ta3 ACL  
D T4 t4 Ta4 ta4 DHDH DKXH  
E T5 t5 Ta5 ta5 EKEKXHGY  
F T6 t6 Ta6 ta6 F F DKXH F  
G T7 t7 Ta7 ta7 GXH GYGY  
H T8 t8 Ta8 ta8 DHDH DKXH  
I T9 t9 Ta9 ta9 IY It plays same sound as T4
J R1 r1 Ra1 ra1 DKXH  
K R2 r2 Ra2 ra2 EKEKXHGY  
L N1 n1 Na1 na1 abL  
M N2 n2 Na2 na2 bMRM  
N D7 d7 Da7 da7 SNSM  
O D8 d8 Da8 da8 UOMS  
P D9 d9 Da9 da9 abLP(A)  

Left hand syllables (Baya)

Syllable 1 2 3 4 Example Comment
Q G1 g1 Ga1 ga1 cLQL  
R G2 g2 Ga2 ga2 bMRM  
S G3 g3 Ga3 ga3 aS MS(A) MS(A)  
T H1 h1 Ha1 ha1 T-Ga  
U H2 h2 Ha2 ha2 UOMS  
V H3 h3 Ha3 ha3 VP-M  
W K1 k1 Ka1 ka1 WWDHWWLL  
X K2 k2 Ka2 ka2 XHGY  
Y K3 k3 Ka3 ka3 bMY  
Z K4 k4 Ka4 ka4 eKeKZ  

Both hand syllables (Baya+Daya)

Syllable 1 2 3 4 Example Comment
a D1 d1 Da1 da1 abba  
b D2 d2 Da2 da2 abab  
c D3 d3 Da3 da3 cLQL  
d D4 d4 Da4 da4 dHdH  
e D5 d5 Da5 da5 eKeKXHGY  
f D6 d6 Da6 da6 f f DKXH f  

What is Automatic Melodies Generator?

As name suggests, it automatically generates melodies using combination of phrases given as input. It will generate  melodies for selected taal & number of cycles. Currently there four types of melodies generator

1. Tihai generator : Tihai, Chakradhar Tihai, Darje Ki Tihai, Duppali Tihai

2. Variation generator : useful for generating taans or paltas of kayda or just combinations of given phrases.

3. Tukda generator

4. Chakradhar generator

Here is example of Variation generator utility to show case how to use phrases for creating variations, same principal is applied in all types of melodies generator.

How to use Automatic Melodies Generator?

Here is step by step guide to use Automatic Melodies Generator.

Step 1

Create phrases which you want to be used when generating melodies, these melodies will be random combinations of given phrases, ensure you put each phrase in separate line (separated by tag).

For example, here are three phrases for which we want to generate combinations

[melody start]

[D1|G1|N1][tabla] First phrase

[D1|T4|D1|G1|N1][tabla] Second phrase

[T2|N1|K1|N1][tabla] Third phrase

[melody end]

Such phrases will be input for Automatic Melodies Generator utilities.

Step 2

Select taal and number of cycles in which you want to fit generated melodies.

Step 3

Click on button 'Generate Melodies'. You can play each melody to check its music quality & good one you can select for further use. :-)

Live demo of Variation generator utility