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Vishwamohini Melody Player

Write, Play and Share songs notations and Tabla compositions directly in the web, its easy and amazing

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Songs notations

Create notations of classical bandish or any song, play them with different instruments

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Tabla compositions

Create and play your simple or complex Tabla compositions, its easy and amazing.

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Tihai generator

Generate and play simple, chakradhar & special Tihai on one click using your own patterns of notations

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Melodies generator

Input your patterns of notations or tabla syllables & get possible melodies in selected beats

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It simplifies experimentation of music ideas offline. It is free and always will be, download your copy now


Share & discover

Upload an unlimited amount of Vishwamohini scripts and help the community, comment on others and listen to their creations

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Continuosly improving

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Free & open to all

Whether you are a music enthusiasts, software developer or running a non-commercial music website, you can contribute or take advantage of Vishwamohini Melody Player read more

  Compositions on demand

If you want notations of specific bandish/song, Tabla compositions, compositions from specific audio/video or improvisation idea for specific topic, you can mail us requirement. read more

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You can send us email for your questions/issues about Vishwamohini script & Melody player, mail id: helpdesk@vishwamohini.com


March - 2017 : Vishwamohini Melody Player-1.2.7 [ Beta ] desktop app released | Download now

21/02/2017 : Dupalli Tihai and Dupalli Chakradhar Tihai generator | Try now

19/02/2017 : Virtual keyboard for entering notations or Tabla bols

5/02/2017 : Vishwamohini Android app - 1.0.0 [ Beta ] released | Install now

Dec - 2016 : Vishwamohini Melody Player-1.2.6 [ Beta ] desktop app released

25/12/2016 : It is possible to play notations in Equitempered and Just Intonation scale

18/12/2016 : It is possible to play notations of table cell by clicking on table cell

23/11/2016 : New feature added "Create Collection". Collections are groups of melodies compiled by user on a theme like performance sequence, favorites, tutorial, group of specific (Gharana, Artists) compositions. . . etc. Check Collections page

23/10/2016 : Auto suggestions are available while writing melody in excel table. It was one of the most requested feature

13/10/2016 : Improved handling of pauses, now note will not stop abruptly if there is pause after note



Live website

Desktop Application

Create and play Swara and Tabla melodies

Play swara melodies with instruments Sitar, Flute, Violin, Piano, TablaTarang

Play Swara and Tabla melodies with different scale & tempo

View swara melodies in Devnagari and Western format

View Tabla melodies in Devnagari and English format

Add theka for swara melodies

Add lehera for Tabla melodies

Write & play symphony ( Swara & Tabla together as per requirement )

Tihai ( Simple, Chakradhar, Darje ki Tihai, Dupalli Tihai, Dupalli Chakradhar Tihai ) generator

Chakradhar generator

Tukda generator

Variations/combinations generator

Bhatkhande converter


- This is web application and not mobile application, you can read notations on mobile but may not play them

- Loading of melody page may take good amount of time when it is loaded first time on your computer, subsequent loadings will be faster for all melodies

- Devnagari font is not supported on Firefox for Desktop application, it is designed behavior of Firefox.

- When you play melody first time after page refesh, result is not good for first 4-5 seconds. Subsequent results will be good

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