Vishwamohini Melody Player is multipupose music web application, which is useful for Teachers, Students, Professional Artists & Music lovers.There are many ways you can take advantage of Vishwamohini Melody Player

1. This application allows you to write notations/tabla bols in text format, we call it as Vishwamohini Script. 

2. Text notations/Tabla bols are converted into table format, where  each cell of table represents each beat

3. You write notationsTabla bols in English language like S0,r0,R0,g0,G0 . . . & they are converted into Devnagari language.

4. Notations/bols are live & useful when they create sound with perfect timing, this application will do that for you . . .

Vishwamohini melody player is easy to learn - You will enjoy it.

Help for Vocal/string notations Help for Tabla syllables/bols Help for Melodies Generator utility

Video : How to create melody using Vishwamohini Melody Player?

Comment System

We have inbuilt comment system under melody, you can add Vishwamohini Script in comment system & In future it will be converted in Vishwamohini Melody Player.

Where can I use Vishwamohini Melody Player?

As said earlier, Vishwamohini Melody Player is useful for Teachers, Students, Professional Artists & Music lovers.There are many ways you can take advantage of Vishwamohini Script

1. Teachers & Students can use it to write notations in tabular format which will help to give better understanding of taal

2. You can use it to experiment your music ideas

3. You can create notations of songs & share with friends, because it is just a text format.

4. You can use it during practice session, "Repetitions" option is very handy for practicing.

5. You can use it as Lahara for tabla practice, you can create your own lahara, thus, you will have full control over lahara of your choice

6. You can use it for practing & understanding complex laykari.

7. . . . . 

Everything is Free & always will be! . . . because we are committed to open and promote Indian Classical Music.


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