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Shivraj Sawant commented on Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya

Great Chinmayee. I have one suggestion, please split melody in small pieces, because melody may not be playable smoothly on low configuration devices. Keep it up!

Chinmayee commented on Vande Maatram


Shivraj Sawant commented on kavan batariya

I have improved handling of gaps, now notes will not stop abruptly if there is pause after note. Please play your melody & let me know your feedback.

Shivraj Sawant commented on Kafi Raag - Lakshan geet - Teental

Great! Do you have video? you can use embed code of YouTube video in the script, which will display YouTube video with notations.

Shivraj Sawant commented on kavan batariya

Could you please add Video for this composition. You can simply paste embed code from YouTube. Just ensure your post should not start with video embed code, put some text/description before & then add video

Shivraj Sawant commented on kavan batariya

Great! hope it is easy to create Melody. It has to be handled automatically in the software. I will work on it. Thank you very much for your feedback.

sksvishwa commented on kavan batariya

my 1st trial, will add lyrics later. Instead of gap or pause, how do I let the instrument extend playing or sustain till 2 beats?

Shivraj Sawant commented on Payal baje mori jhanjar baje bandish in raga Bageshree

Thank you for your feedback, I have replaced Tivra Ma with Shudh 'Ma'. It is easy to replace, click on button "Edit in Script" available just above the table. Copy Script in notepad & replace M1 with m1

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