Below are some features which will be delivered in future releases of Vishwamohini Melody Player

1. To add "[Tabla]" tag so that you can write notations of tabla in english langauge, they will be converted in Devnagari font & it will produce sound with perfect timing -Done.

2. To add "[theka]" tag for taal, this will be like theka for Melody, which will be played contineosly  along with Melody. -Done.

2. To add "[lahara]" tag for lahara/nagma, this will be like lahara for Tabla , which will be played contineosly  along with Tabla compositions/Melody. -Done.

3. To add "[symphony start]" & "[symphony end]" tags to play multiple instruments at the same time. -Done

4. Select instrument like Sitar, Santoor, Sarod, Harmonium etc while playing melody, this feature is ready, we are just looking for better sounds (Sound Font). - -Done : Four intruments are supported Piano,Sitar,Flute,Violin

5. To add Chakradhar Tihai calculator -Done

6. Simulation of Piano along with Melody, work in progress on this topic.

7. Highlight table cell from Melody Player which is being played, work in progress on this topic.

8. Support Vishwamohini Script in comment, this feature is ready, we are in process of cleaning code.

9.  A feature to stop Melody while playing -Done

10. In Chrome browser, content of Vishwamohini Script are lost when page is refreshed, this is desinged behavior of Chrome. We will add feature so that Script should not be lost even after page refresh.

11. To support western notation in Vishwamohini Script & Melody Player like C, C#, D, D# . . . etc. -Partially Done. User can view notations in western form

12. To create beatiful Devnagari font

13. To support Carnatic music notations & rythms

13 To create mobile app -Done [ Android App - Beta version ]

14 . . . .

If you have any copyright & royalty free suggestion drop us mail at If you want to contribute for this project, check Contribute page

Known issues

1. If you use Vishwamohini Melody Player Desktop application with Firefox, it font is not shown. Infact this is not an issue, it is the way Firefox has been designed.

3. . . .


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